Have you ever noticed when you go over a bridge that they can be a beautiful view or a little unsettling until you get to the other side? I know people who avoid bridges at all costs and those that can’t look over the edge when they are driving over them. There are a few people I know who love them without fear. I am somewhere in between, but I realize bridges are necessary in life for a few reasons.

Sometimes, we need the bridge we are traveling on to get to the other side. It’s a road we are on temporarily and although it’s not our favorite road, it serves its purpose. We have all been down these roads before in our career and personal lives. Sometimes it feels steady and sometimes it feels like one wrong move and we are off into the danger zone. Getting across those bridges without incident is important because getting to the other side is part of the journey to get to our destination.

Sometimes, we need to build a bridge and get over it. Making a mistake at work or not doing as well as we expect for ourselves is going to happen. We are not perfect, we are still learning in our careers and if you are anything like me, we see opportunities every week where we can do things better. However, the sooner we get over it, the sooner everyone else does too and it’s usually not as bad as we think it is.

Once in awhile, a bridge takes us to a beautiful place that we would have never seen if we had not gone over that bridge. Being uncomfortable, figuring it out and facing our challenges head on will bring us to places worth seeing and experiencing.

There are all sorts of bridges that I haven’t seen yet. While I may never be that person who thrives to see the view on the way across, I’ll get over it, one way or another. So the next time you encounter a bridge to your destination, don’t take the detour, hold on tight and see where it takes you.

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