Women on the Fence

Four years ago, Erica Diamond, an entrepreneur, working mom and certified coach founded Women on the Fence, a women’s lifestyle blog that explores what we can do as women to live our lives fully.  Her message resonated quickly and powerfully with women around the world and today her business is growing in more ways than I can count. Why? Because as women trying to do it all, we get it. It’s hard and we need help. Help from others who have done it, help from our family, friends and others to figure it out.

I love her message and I love her spirit to help others. I submitted a guest blog to her site about the “Power of What If” and I’m excited to share with you that it was just published on her site on Friday! Exciting for sure, but more importantly, I hope that I can touch others with how if we all use the power of what if as one of our working women tools, we can do great things and not miss out on what we can become.

Thanks to Erica for sharing my message! Please check out her website at www.womenonthefence.comand you will see my blog.

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