Working Motherhood

Next weekend I will be interviewed for the Stitcher radio show “Working Motherhood” to talk about my journey as a working mom and career woman. I love this show’s format as it’s a quick thirty minute conversation where Dr. Portia Jackson talks to her guests about their challenges, “aha” moments and best tips for other working mothers. I’m joining an impressive group of women who have shared their story, from authors to business owners to the Editor of Working Women Magazine. Everyone’s story is different, but they all share the same issues that we do, figuring out parenting, navigating career paths and making mistakes that we learn from along the way.

I was referred to the host by Mitch Shepard, an inspiring woman I know who founded WIRL (Women in Real Life) an online leadership conference for women that focuses on how women can be their best in so many ways. (More on WIRL in another post, but here is the website ).

When I was asked to do the show, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Shortly after, I started to think about it and question myself, why me? What do I have to share that will impact her audience? I am a normal working mom just like everyone else.

I gave myself almost a month to ponder and answer that question. Over the last few weeks, I have been preparing for the show in the very early morning with only my coffee and me to answer this question and figure out how to best tell my story and what I think listeners can learn from me.

What I have realized is that as a Human Resources leader and working mom, I see things from a unique view. Through the lens of an employer I understand how difficult it is for businesses to provide balance to employees, but I also feel things through the heart of a working mother, so my message and experience is truly unique and should be shared. Climbing the corporate ladder with small children is difficult in itself, but the bigger challenge is figuring out how to manage balance, give my kids and family the best of me along the way and to feel good about myself in the process. This, I am passionate about.

Next week, I will share my story. I will post when the show goes live on Working Motherhood. Until then, here is the link to the website:

Wish me luck!

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