Blogging for a Cause

I got the idea to blog from my brother Jay, who began his own blog about life as a businessman and determined goal seeker. We are alike in many ways as we have always aspired to big goals and dreams that were woven between entrepreneurship and personal success.

He is an amazing writer and his posts were tantalizing. So much so, that I decided to send his blog to Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and author of “Delivering Happiness.” Jay is a huge fan of Tony and has read his book and a 100 others like it. I probably should have asked him, but I did it on a whim after reading a great post. A few days later, I got an email back from Tony’s assistant that told me Tony read it and wanted to feature Jay’s writing on their blog. It was so exciting and it validated what I already knew that Jay has a special gift.

His blog made me realize that I too have a love for writing and capturing the challenges and things that I have learned from my own experience as a working woman and mother. Last year, I began writing short articles that focus on these topics and provide a few take aways that the reader can relate to and use to face their own challenges. Finally, in March, I gained the courage to ask Cathy Cassani Adams , who is a contributing writer for Chicago Parent Magazine and radio show host of Zen Parenting Radio with her husband Todd if I could guest blog. She jumped on it and I realized, it’s not about being the perfect writer or acclaimed expert on these topics, it’s about going for it without fear.

So why blog when I’m busy enough with my career and family that already takes up my time and energy? Passion. A passion to explore the issues we face and utilize a creative outlet to balance my work and my personal interests. The more I explore these issues and open up about my challenges with women, the more I learn and the better I become for myself and my family.

Stay tuned, share and please give me feedback I love to hear from women like you!