Ready, Set, Launch!


After having the opportunity to guest blog for and appear on the radio show about work life balance, I was inspired to do more for working women. My career in Global Human Resources over the last twenty years has given me real experience on the front line of issues that affect women. First as a “Working Woman”, now as a “Working Mom” with two young girls, I see the challenges, the roadblocks and the hard work it takes for us to thrive in our careers, strike balance within our personal lives, and to be our best.

I am passionate about figuring it out, helping others and connecting with other women who can relate. This blog will explore these issues, how we can put our determination to work and how to get “perfect” out of our vocabulary. All with an occasional post on my favorite fashion and beauty finds.

Why call it “Chicago Working Woman” when there are woman all over the world who endure these challenges? It was the city of Chicago where I spread my wings in life and work, where I met my husband and developed a love of fashion. It only seemed fitting to name this blog after the place where my journey began.

I hope to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me at


Amy Rodgers